Upholstery and Antique Restoration:

Due to our extensive network of antique dealers and our curators searching the world, Peyton is able to procure fine antiques and artwork for commercial and residential properties. Peyton acquires one-of-a-kind antiques and furnishings for our clients, from all different styles, periods of time, and places in the world. Peyton has a working relationship with the finest craftsmen, artisans, and antique restorers in the nation. All of our work is done by hand, as we take extreme pride in maintaining the highest integrity.

Peyton's expert restoration team specializes in recreating missing pieces of furniture, and also in restoring damages caused by smoke, fire, and water and breakage or old age. Our mission is to make it look as if it was never damaged at all. Peyton can also re-upholster your furniture, or furnishings that we provide for you. If what you are looking for does not exist, Peyton can design and manufacture custom pieces to suit your needs.