Who we are:

Peyton was founded in 1946, and was later incorporated in 1982 as Peyton Interior Contractors Inc. Peyton is a commercial interior contracting and design firm, specializing in manufacturing, design, and interior installation. Some examples are: hotels, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, universities, and residential.

Peyton succeeds in excellence by utilizing our in-house architects, design team, and the best craftsmen to create a superior combination of the most aesthetically pleasing decor with the best and most functional utilization of your interiors. Peyton works with you to create your space. From conception, to design, to reality, we make your space come to life.

Peyton also provides emergency and crisis construction management and design. Peyton has the ability to mobilize quickly, in order to fast-track projects, cutting the completion time by up to 75%.

Peyton surpasses your expectations with our superior approach to interiors.We create a feeling, an atmosphere, a desire to spend time inside. From your walls to the space in-between, we are a company building for the future, designed to serve you.